Bague Cherifien f
Argent et pièce de monnaie Empire Chérifien   : 39 €
Bague avec pierres interchangeables
Les pierres sont facilement interchangeables.
Il vous suffit de déclipser délicatement la perle de sa structure.
Les pierres incluses : Corail, Calcédoine, Hématite
Informations techniques :


Calcédoine bleu

 Corail Végétal
Silver: 39 €
Ring with interchangeable stones
The stones are easily interchangeable.
Just gently unclip the pearl of its structure.
The included stones Banboo Corail , Calcédoine , Hematite
Technical information:
·         Diameter of stones: 10 mm
·         Homemade French, Atelier le fil d’argent 07 Ardèche
·         NB: craft production involves slight variations, stones and structure from one room to another.
            For Europe, shipping costs are included in the price of the jewelry.